Caroline Knopf and The Whaling Widow

While the alien beauty starring in photographer Caroline Knopf’s maritime horror study The Whaling Widow could be mourning the loss at sea of an Ahab or a Quint, one suspects she’s simply wandered into an empty Andrew Wyeth-style coastal cottage a la Goldilocks, forlorn that there’s only uncooked fish for dinner, searching for an Ambien to get some shuteye.

The Whaling Widow was produced for Four Magazine, a quarterly publication of “beautiful homes, iconic fashion, artistic expression, and diverse culture that dwells within and around the city”. Knopf has also submitted it to the upcoming Graphis Photography Annual 2014 competition.

Knopf’s intense color control, fascinating angular poses, and focused narrative hooks are always supported with a classical compositional approach. These techniques won her gold awards for The Girl Who Fell To Earth, Evening Portrait of Liu, and 29 Palms in the Graphis Photography Annual 2013. She also entered Amber Waves that year, and The Crash in the Graphis Photography Annual 2012.

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