Phase One: Avatar

All hail the apotheosis of the concept artist, brothers! We finally exterminate the earthlings. Our undercover agents, posted at Industrial Light & Magic and Weta, extend their control over earthlings through cinema movies! Our cg artists barbeque prefrontal cortexes with new release. Once humans’ imaginations are completely stewed, they forget all about common cold thing.

Phase One nears complete. Our sworn enemies, the writers, are discarded. Ha! We destroy their credibility by bringing their subversive works of fiction to silver screen. We soften the earthlings up with the Iron Man 2, the Kick-Ass and the Transformers 2. We inject them with our gelatinous goo codenamed Avatar. Our day of victory is at hand! Tallyho!

The absurd lengths that modern cinema and its CGI capabilities will go in order to save the audience the bother of imagining anything themselves is probably having a crippling effect on the mass imagination. ~WIRED MAGAZINE, “Legendary Comics Writer Alan Moore on Superheroes, The League, and Making Magic”