The Flash Season 3 Episode 2.5: The Speed of Thought


The Flash and Iris finds themselves embroiled in a ghost-hunt for Rian Rikkards, the Flying Dutchman of Time, who is being chased by the Linear Authority, time traveling cops Matthew Ryder and Liri Lee.

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Previously On

This episode takes place directly after Season 3 Episode 2’s “Paradox”, where Barry Allen explains to Team Flash how he made and then unmade the Flashpoint timeline. Instead of returning their timeline to its original state, he somehow generated a variety of different events, including the tragic loss of Cisco Ramon’s brother Dante and the introduction of a new character, Julian Albert.

New Characters

Matthew Ryder
Liri Lee
Professor Heidelberg
Rian Rikkards, the Flying Dutchman of Time
Bree Daniels
Michael Ryder
Donna Ryder
Young Matthew Ryder