The Gorn of Watchmen

Slow-mo fist to chin, ripping skin, snapping arm, mid-air jump, bone-rattling leg-splayed landing, falling body destroys furniture, wall, toilet but not cracking hand, ankle or skull, exploding body, cliched sex montage, spandex kink, constant eyeball-twitch-inducing blue glow and dangling blue dong — all these things are the heart of Watchmen, a porno of demolition, a hi-def version of B-movie carnography, slowed down for extended celebration. The movie’s sympathy is with annihilation, a clockwork counting the downtime between gonzo fx. Character relationships are sketched, infidelity dehumanized, sadists gifted funny tag lines. The end result is three lost, intoxicated hours in a booming nightclub, which could be a good thing except that it has nothing to do with the source material.

Carnography (from Latin “carnis” meaning “meat” and Greek γραφή (grafi) “writing”) is a neologism for writing, films, images, or other material that contains gratuitous amounts of bloodshed, violence and/or weaponry. It is named by analogy to pornography (although it is often mistaken for a portmanteau of “carnage” and “pornography”, this is not strictly the case), and is sometimes referred to as “violence porn,” “torture porn,” or “gorn” (a portmanteau of “gore” and “porn”). – Wikipedia

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